Blood Oranges

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Enjoy the favorite fruit of vampires worldwide! Blood oranges aren’t just incredibly tasty, they also have many health benefits such as antioxidant action, vitamin C, vitamin A and calcium.

If you thought normal oranges were healthy, wait until you start eating tons and tons of blood oranges until you can’t do so anymore. You will become so addicted that you’ll wonder how you could have missed out on the deliciousness for so long. Perhaps the best thing about the blood orange is its color–it is a truly glorious crimson tint.

Not everyone knows what a blood orange is, so when you show people one, they may actually think that it’s a normal orange infected with some kind of virus. Creating surprise recipes using blood oranges is a great way to impress your friends and family, as well as scare them if they don’t know what blood oranges are! Just tell them that normal oranges have rebelled and that the red color is their inner anger expressing itself. They’ll understand.

Blood orange juice is another thing that makes these oranges popular, and the italian blood orange juice is indeed greatly responsible for the blood oranges’ fame; It has allowed them to enter the mainstream. Nothing can stop the rise of the blood orange now–their inevitable ascencion is at hand.

Many companies sell blood orange juice nowadays. This juice has become extremely popular–It has a taste that is very unique and unlike anything else.

Blood orange juice is partly responsible for the blood orange’s increased consumption worldwide. People have started to realize that this isn’t just any old orange–it’s a blood orange!

On this website, you can learn everything you could ever want to know about the yummy blood orange. Browse through the pages on the right if you want to know more about this crimson sphere of deliciousness.

Besides the yummy vampiric orange itself, blood oranges are also known for their juice. It has an excellent taste and can even be used to replace lemon juice.

There are all sorts of succulent recipes that use blood oranges and/or juice as a main ingredient. I’ve listed a few here on this website, but don’t let that stop you. You can use blood oranges to create just about any fun recipe. What dish doesn’t look good with a big red orange in it? 😀

The blood orange industry has also moved on to other areas of business: grocery, beauty and miscellaneous products now use blood orange extract as an ingredient. There are now perfumes that are actually made with blood orange essence, and there’s skin care products that also use the vampire orange.

If you’re interested in planting a blood orange tree and nurturing it, I’ve also provided some information on these trees and also where and how to buy them.