Blood Orange Juice

Blood orange juice is bottled or freshly squeezed juice from blood oranges. Normal orange juice is a standard breakfast drink made by squeezing the liquid from fresh oranges. The process is the same for blood oranges. The taste is superb, with a hint of raspberry.

Health Benefits of Drinking Blood Orange Juice

Blood orange juice is used in the same way as normal orange juice. Because the juice has a deep crimson color(especially if moro oranges are used), it can be used as a cocktail ingredient. Blood orange juice is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber and is one of the healthiest drinks available.

Italian Volcano Blood Orange Juice

Italian Volcano Blood Orange Juice is produced in Italy as the name implies and they are made frBlood Orange Juiceom three specific varieties of blood oranges found close to the Mt. Etna Volcano in Italy. The delicious ocean breezes of that region along with the incredibly hot volcanic ground make the perfect place to grow blood oranges. An Italian volcano blood orange juice bottle contains no dyes or preservatives. The blood oranges are juiced right away once they are harvested and then they are flash pasteurized. This makes them last longer on the shelves and this is why they can be shipped to the other countries while retaining their freshness.

Some people call this “the best orange juice in the world”. Once you taste it, you’ll be shocked how fast it disappears. Italians really know how to make their juice. You can use it to replace lemon juice while cooking as well.

This is a very acidic orange juice. Drink this in the morning, and it you may have just found your replacement for coffee.

In Italy, you can buy it from companies like Pago. However, if you live in the United States, such companies don’t really exist. Some supermarkets have blood orange juice in their organic produce section, but others don’t. Blood orange juice may also be found in Italian specialty shops or gourmet stores. Whole Foods sometimes has blood orange juice, and Indian grocery stores periodically have some of it as well. Health food stores may or may not have it in stock.