Moro Blood Orange

The moro blood orange has almost no seeds in it and has a more plain taste than the Tarocco. This orange is round and often appears on the tree in bundles. It has the reddest color of all the blood oranges, due to anthocyanin. The peel of the moro is almost always colored with a crimson tint. Of all the varieties of blood oranges in the United States, the moro blood orange is by the far the most prominent one.  It is shipped all over the world because it can last a long time in storage. The more blood orange is, to a great extent, grown in Sicily.

Although Spanish and Italian immigrants brought this orange to the United States in the 1930s, it is only in recent years that the moro has become more popular due to its incredible, unique taste.

It is smaller than the common orange, and usually has a pitted skin, although in some cases it can be smooth. This is the orange that gives the name “blood orange”  to blood oranges. No orange is redder, and apart from its delicious taste and aroma, it is used by chefs because it adds tremendous visual appeal to most meals. The bright red color of the moro always gets people talking.

Moro Blood Orange

It has very high amounts of Vitamin C, especially when compared to a normal orange. Two moro blood oranges will easily, by themselves, exceed the daily suggested amount of Vitamin C for one person. One of these oranges has around seventy calories and is high in dietary fiber. They are very healthy and among other things can help lower blood pressure. For more information, read about the Health Benefits of Blood Oranges.

The moro is a favorite of many people. It has a flavor that can only be described as refreshing with a delicious sweet taste mixed in with a slightly sour flavor, almost like a raspberry. You have to experience it for yourself to understand why so many people wish that this fruit was more commonplace than it is today.

The moro is THE orange that adds that special, unique, sexy color to meals. Your friends will invariably be very curious if you use it when cooking. Be warned: You may also attract VAMPIRES who may want to suck on your blood oranges. Keep garlic nearby. 😀